Zombies Need Love

Believe it or not, zombies need love too. They may not be intelligent creatures, and they are definitely not attractive to say the least, but every creature deserves love… don’t they? Zombies are very misunderstood creatures and that is most likely because they have very poor communication skills. Instead of forming actual words, they growl and make disgusting noises instead. Some people actually might enjoy gazing into lifeless milky white eyes and the smell of rotting flesh and dirt. Everyone has their own tastes, and we’re definitely not ones to judge.

Inside of every zombie is an angry, cannibalistic, and brain eating creature. Instead of walks on the beach or snuggling on the couch, zombies enjoy slowly chasing people in attempts to eat brains and human flesh. That’s definitely not romantic at all, but not everyone is the romantic type. With a zombie, you never have to worry about dressing to impress, or spending big bucks at the fancy Italian restaurant on Main Street. They will not look at you any differently if you are poor and dressed in rags or a billionaire wearing the most expensive clothing.

Next time you think of zombies, realize that they need love just as much as the next creature. They may be extremely unintelligent, and they may only think about brains, but they are still creatures, after all. Zombies have it really tough these days and the mainstream media is definitely not helping them look any better either. With the amount of zombie movies constantly being made, zombies have a terrible reputation, which makes it almost impossible for anyone to want to give them a chance. Maybe, just maybe, there are people out there that are open-minded and might actually learn to love zombies. In this crazy world we live in, anything is possible. 

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